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I need to pick a small lock on this small box?

There is a small lock on this tiny chest we have never opened, I found it in the attic. But we don't have the key! It doesnt look like a normal diary lock where you pick the lock on the front; It is just like a normal lock only small, and it says 'guard lock' on it. I guess I should say, it is in the shape of an upside down U with a hole on the bottom. The little part that opens up is also shaped like an upside down U. I have no money to spend, but I do have paper clips and bobby pins.


Most Some of the 3-dimensional permanent white glues (Diamond Glaze and others) will dome a little higher I think and perhaps even do that when it's in cells that it won't be removed from. But perhaps it will pull away from the sides a bit (or is that more the polyester resins and acrylic mediums?) But those will need to be coated with something tougher than white glue to avoid later scratching or clouding from humidity (like polyurethane, or even a coat of epoxy). Depending on which epoxy resin you want, you can find them in craft, hobby and art supply stores, plus hardware and home improvement stores. P.S. From what I understand the *polyester* resins don't dome like the epoxy resins do, and maybe in fact the opposite. The first link given by the previous answerer in fact goes to an epoxy resin called Colores sold by Rio Grande rather than to a polyester resin (note that you'll be on the tab for Epoxy Resins).
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