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Identify two Star Trek episodes?

In the first one captian picard and probobly doctor crusher is being held by the carrdissians or something like that and they torture picard and say that if picard leaves they will toture crusher in his place. What is this episode?In the second one Troi and Riker and O'Brian get there bodies taken over and evil people tell the crew they will kill the three of htem if the crew does not follow the orders of the evil people. what is this episode?


The first one the only episode I can think of when Picard was kidnapped by the Cardassians was in Chain of Command I don't remember them saying they would torture Crusher as well since she and Worf got out of there. The second one I know the episode I'm bad with names lol. I think it was Power Play but, Riker didn't get taken over because his arm was injured, it was Data instead. I think it was the remains of a crew from a Federation ship that crashed years ago.

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