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Identify which control activity?

Identify which control activity is violated in each oh the following situations and explain how the situation creates an opportunity for fraud or inapproptiate accounting practices. ? Once a month the sales department sends sales invoices to the accounting department to be recorded. ? Jay Margan orders merchandise for Rice Lake Company; he also receives merchandise and authorizes payment for merchandise. ? Several clerks at Dick’s Groceries use the same cash register drawer.


This is a big subject, and it would be impossible to cover all the possibilities here. It would have helped if you had said what you intended to achieve. What you need is a good book. The one I have is The Glassfibre Handbook by R H Warring. You can still find it if you do a search for it. In short, follow the instructions on the can. You have about twenty minutes working time, after you add about one percent of an initiator. Be very careful if you are using M.E.K.P. initiator: it causes blindness if splashed into eyes. So you need to be able to weigh or measure the volumes of the materials fairly accurately. Technically, the process proceeds by addition polymerisation. This can occurr at room temperature, due to the reactive nature of the monomer. A plastic icecream tub is good for mixing in, because the resin will not adhere to it well. Suitable pigment can be added, as can 'extenders' which are powdery materials such as talcum powder for example. They will thicken the mixture, if that is what is desired. You can make solid mouldings of the resin, but the most general use is to make 'fibreglass', by impregnating layers of glass fibre mat. For hand layup, use an old paint brush to 'stipple' (pummel) or roll the resin into the mat. A paint roller is good for large fairly flat areas. Then a special roller of metal washers is good for squeezing the resin right into the mat, and pressing excess out onto the surface. The mat can be cut to shape with scissors. After about an hour, the moulding has solidified enough that the edges can be trimmed with a Stanley knife. All this takes experience to get right. I nearly forgot: Clean up the tools (and yourself) with strong detergent in warm water. Acetone is very good, but is very expensive. I could go on and on, but do not know what else to add, without knowing exactly what you need to do.
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