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If suppose Russia doesn't have nuclear weapons,can it be more easily conquered by US?

Russia still has remnants of a navy,some air force and tanks soldiers with fewer equipment(like iron helmet)but it can still be guerilla warfare in SIberia and European Russia right?


The US couldn't conquer Afghanistan or Iraq, there's slim chance they could take a first-world nation like Russia even if you somehow took away Russia's nuclear arsenal.
the amount of these questions are TO DAMN HGIH. going with the guy above me they didnt even conquer vietnam nor could they now i suppose
No i do no longer think of it is suitable - yet i might prefer to point out that the President of the U. S. and or Russia have not been calling me for an opinion they are the two threatening to punish one yet another The conflict of words is beginning off to have reactions - or fairly small movements Is Bush sane ? Is Putin sane ? What suggestion are those 2 getting and from whom ? Your guess is as sturdy as mine - yet issues do no longer look sturdy top now we could face it Bush is not any Jack Kennedy is he ? The stakes are severe - and so are the wins in each leaders minds Russia looks at a century or 2 of yank domination - an endless checklist of calls for from the U. S. Stand now and combat or forever say sure sir to the U. S. the U. S. is in a similar place - look susceptible and threat a clean Russia - the only stress on earth that would threaten the U. S. - or combat now - and perhaps have the globe all to themselves without Russia who would be the counter stability to the U. S. ? those idiots (the two factors) would get the assumption they are in a position to win a constrained nuclear conflict - a sneak attack by potential of the two might look tempting top now What do the standard human beings in all of this depend ? in all hazard no longer as much as you may prefer to have faith
Russia still operates 20 silos housing over 300 nuclear Missiles.

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