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If you could take 5 things to survive, what would you bring, in general?

regardless of where your going, what would u bring


use a deep conditioner, or at the least a REALLY thick creamy one (like panteen) after using a light shampoo put in the conditioner really heavy, comb it thru with your fingers lightly and then leave it in your hair as long as you can. i usually do this first thing in the shower, then worry about washing and shaving and all that, so sometimes it'll be in my hair for about 15 minutes (20-25 if i'm just half asleep and enjoying the hot water - lol). it will help. but for now you're going to have to lay off washing it frequently (if you're one that washes it every day, try every 2-3 days) and try to lay off blow driers/straight irons for a while. and dont do anymore processing! i've been dying, highlighting and perming (yikes!) for over 15 years now, one time i dyed then highlighted it and it was just terrible and had to dye it again and it really damaged my hair as well, but if i do the conditioner thing for about 2 weeks its MUCH better than before. you'll still have your short hairs from where its broken already, but it will help more from breaking (of course you cant stop it 100% but it will help).
Bigger bumps might cause the suspension to compress enough to squeak or make a noise. If the car is somewhat old the suspension might be rusted or just fatigued. Spray some WD-40 on the suspension and see if it stops.

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