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If you just got caught in the rain?

Would you take a warm blanket and a bowl of soup by the open log fire?


Eldrazi ramp isn't exactly tier one, but it's a fun deck. Here's a few ways you can make it better. Add one more Awakening Zone, those are vital for mana ramp/chump blocking I would take out the Ulamog Crushers and go for a BIG eldrazi, such as Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, or Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre. Almost everyrun runs either removal our counterspells, it would be really easy to remove an one of those cheaper eldrazi. You also need a better mana base, I'd suggest taking out the Kazandu Refuge for Rootbound Crag, and I would also make room for 4 Eldrazi Temples. To tutor your Eldrazis out, I would use Ancient Stirrings, it'll be easier to just use that than wait 5 turns for your eldrazi.
I wouldn't mind alligators tied to fire hydrants..where else will they get easy mealsevery doggie is a yummy treat. as for those Oregon lawswhat does Marianne meanthey can't pump their own gas? I can't pump my own gas either , isn't that like this everywhere?.

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