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If you know spanish.?

10Escribe silo que diecen estos estudiantes es logico o ilogico.1.Tengo un calambre en el cerebro.__________________2.Me torci el corazon.__________________3.me puse unguento en los ojos.____________4.me queme los huesos con el sol.________5.Me corte el dedo con un cuchillo.__________6.me di un golpe en la cabeza._____________7.Tengo tos y me duele la garganta.__________8/me cai del caballo y me rompi la pierna.______________im home schooled..and i have a book but cant seem to get this one lesson..my home school teacher stays for like an hour..he pretty much just gives me my work and just sits the rest of the hour..he knows no Spanish..so he isn't really much of help..if you can help me out..it would help me out alot..thanks2 weeks ago


1 2 3 and 4 are illogical 5 6 7 and 8 are logical

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