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In Canada what level of government controls?

Either Municipal, Provincial or Federal.Electricity SupplyTaxes on ClothesTaxes on FoodsWater SupplyLocal Construction costs (like on an overpass)SchoolRoad CareTaxes on Gas


I have to wear safety goggles at my job. Wal-mart sells them, but you'll find a better selection at Home Depot or Lowe's. I actually ended up buying mine at Ace Hardware. They have the 'Scorpion' line which fits better than other brands. At least on me.
Well basically light still has a gravitational field allowing it to be sucked into the blackhole.
It can be understood by understanding relativity. Essentially it's not light bending, but the underlying medium through which it's traveling being different. The light is traveling straight but we perceive a bend from our reference frame. Light has energy even though it has no mass, with this energy being carried by the oscillations of the waveform, the greater the rate of oscillation (shorter the wavelength) the greater the energy. Therefore it is subject to the uncertainty principle and all the rest. Now to use Einsteins analogy, think of space like a rubber sheet, anything with gravity will sit on the sheet like a weight and cause a bend in the sheet. This is the root of relativity: understanding what the rubber sheet is representing quantum mechanically. Explaining this is tedious and will take more time than is worth going into here but essentially it's about the breaking down of things into the most discrete packets, ala Heisenbergs uncertainty principle. Gravity has an effect on this, effectively crunching the packets into smaller packets, which is why time also appears to slow down in areas of high gravity for a person viewing from the outside. When light passes through this area of condensed packets it too experiences this effect and I guess it can thought of as analogous to when light hits water or glass: it bends if it hits at an angle as the wave packet doesn't all slow down at once. Headache part: However, if you were the light yourself you wouldn't perceive the change in direction. To you it would feel like you'd continued going straight. I tried not to go too detailed there, but I feel like I wasn't really clear enough. Hope it makes sense. If it doesn't just say and I'll try again in a more succinct manner. Dr Zorro explained it pretty well.

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