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industrial/scaffold piercing question?

Im in college football, I would be puting on and taking off my helmet, I usually keep it on though during practice...but would it be wise for me to get an industrial piercing a couple months before 2 a days and the football season...would the sweat maybe infect my ear, but I am a very clean guy? thanks, if you have an answer it will help my decision.....


id leave it. theyre hard to heal nyway,and the added pressure of the helmet and the sweat and the possibility of getting hit in the head and knocking the piercing....well, i wouldnt risk it
dont do it or wait until ur done playing football if u hit it a little bit its going to hurt an the helmet is only going to make it worse so save ur money babe
trust me, bro. bad idea. industrials are very tempermental at best. your helmet will cause every problem possible. any descent piercer would tell you the same. don't do it. they take up to a year to heal soif you really want one, quit football or wait til you're out of school.

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