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Installed wooden doors, hinge with a few good?

Wooden door hinge has two and three, the general installed a few? Is the number of hinges selected by weight?


Because the door is relatively heavy, and now the door is three hinges, hinge less door easy to fall.
Apr 6, 2017
Home door two hinges enough. Home with a tube of grease, used for hinge and hinge rust lubrication. Meikailong and other well-known hinge brand with tiger hotolube or Krupp's hinge hinge grease, colorless and transparent, good adhesion, good durability. Panther has 130 grams of tube packaging, but also for sliding doors and so on. Grease directly applied to the hinge gap, will slowly penetrate into the hinge inside. The maintenance period is four to six months. Should not use the oil or ordinary butter, easy to lose or low temperature freeze, there will be harmful odor volatilization. Vegetable oil will soon rancid produce odor, loss of lubrication.
Apr 6, 2017

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