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Is Aluminum Combustible?

im doing a science project on aluminum and i need to know if aluminum is combustible or not. I was reading a website and they said that it reacts when its the right temperature? i really have no idea what the answer is please help! :)


Aluminum metal oxidizes readily in air but when that happens, a layer of aluminum oxide will form, preventing further oxidation. So if you have a block of aluminum, the surface will oxidize and the rest will not. If you shave aluminum into a fine powder, you can actually light it on fire as it will rapidly and violently oxidize because there is more surface area. If you add iron powder in the mix, it will burn even hotter. I would not recommend doing this reaction.
You're trying to make Thermite. Anarchists cookbook will help you - but you need Aluminum powder and mix it with some other ****... Regular aluminum will just melt

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