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Is captain americas shield overrated?

Why do people act like its an all mighty shield when it is too small to block his body even if he crouches. They treat it like a bubble shield that covers every angle. Honestly, is it that great, if so why? It may be indestructible but it isnt exactly the best defense you could have.


Probably more than one thousand. gravity works like a rubber sheet, put a heavy ball in the middle representing a star and the sheet bends or sinks, roll another ball around it representing a planet, and it will roll and roll around the star until finally touching it. So when a star loses all its fuel, it will shrink and become soo dense that the sheet would bend soo much that it could even become a black hole sucking everything towards it.
Yes, but i'd stil put a expensive clothing in plastic bags before you bomb. You can put dish's in the dishwasher. Make sure you clean counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom after you use the bomb. Make sure you put something under the bomb, like a board so any that dribbels out and runs down the side of the can, doesn't mess up the floor. Make sure you protect your toothbrush and hair brush's.

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