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Is it better to paint with a paint?

Paintbrush wall with beautiful or beautiful paint? Is that good quality? Is that good for the body?


Brush wall with a good paint, paint the basic non-toxic, water-based paint
Paint such things or less use it! Now stickers of many people stickers, stickers wallpaper is very upscale, to enhance a lot of grades. I have a house is so installed, the living room I chose the European-style flowers, very style, and then with some European-style furniture, the wall is a lot of friends, A house a feeling, like it. Choose the wallpaper is very critical to environmental protection Oh, I choose a few houses are Ruibao wallpaper, and then with the powder, that smell no, the day posted the day you can stay, you learn from.
Applicable is Haihong paint
I believe you are not clear "paint" and "paint", it is estimated that you said "paint" is oily paint, "paint" refers to water-based paint. Which kind of good quality which is good for the body is good, there is no absolute conclusion, as long as there is no problem with the things!

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