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Is it good to have a good marble or artificial stone?

Is it good to have a good marble or artificial stone?


Countertop materials, kitchen countertop material a lot, not just to choose from the price and appearance in the selection, to more practical considerations, so we must first understand the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of various countertop materials. We will be a variety of countertop materials are widely used careful analysis, I hope you read it easier to make a decision. Artificial stone countertops is a natural mineral powder, color pigment and an acrylic resin adhesive at high temperature, high pressure treatment from which a uniform texture, without pores, referred to as a polymer solid plate. The material is in line with the beautiful and practical combination of cabinet development trend, therefore, in the industry is called to replace other materials of the second generation of materials. "Such as the United States DuPont Corian", Japan Kuraray ", South Korea lg, West Germany stone. advantages 1. resistant, acid-resistant, high temperature, impact, compression, bending, etc. anti-penetration. deformation processing, bonding, turn the other parts are unique. 2 surface is not porous, oil, water Easy to penetrate into them, strong anti-fouling. 3. Can be any length of seamless bonding. The same material adhesive will be two after bonding polished, seamless. Suitable for long countertops cabinets. 4. Easy maintenance. Scissors can be used 400 mesh sizing paper sandwiched. Disadvantages of higher prices. Price of about 400 yuan to 2,500 yuan / per meter. Natural stone table of natural stone in the high-grade granite is the traditional countertop countertops. Advantages density, hardness, Wear-resistant. Disadvantages 1. The length of natural stone can not be too long, can not be made into a long overall table. Two pieces can not be seamless, easy to breed bacteria. Dramatic changes easily chapped.
I think it would be nice to have a good point of artificial stone to do it, marble is well known, and man-made stone can be stitching seamless, it can not, of course, depends on your personal preferences
Windowsill general use of marble is more, first, because the marble than artificial stone wear, and secondly, the price is relatively low, the third is the color is more generous, and then a small area, if there is radiation, there is not much, natural Is the natural, no artificial ax chisel .. color it, I suggest you use the Spanish beige or resplendent and other light-colored, so that the windy days will not be up early to clean the windowsill .. artificial stone at the same price in the case of things Almost can not be, not wear, easy to penetrate, and a little better man-made stone, the price is almost one to two times higher, the color is not as natural natural.

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