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Is it necessary to clean the BBQ grill every time.?

thoroughly with a scourer or will the heat kill the bacteria next time I light the BBQ?


First off aluminum melts at 1218 degrees FDo you have anything that can produce that kind of heat on the surface of an aluminum can? If you do then that is what you have to useWhen you tried it before you only achieved a temperature that would have been close to the right temperature to begin welding.
The first thing you need is a crucibleThat is the vessel that you put the cans inA cupcake pan is a poor choice for your crucibleYou need something heavyThey are usually made of ceramic, but heavy steel or iron would workYou can buy a small dutch oven at any camping storeYou can buy natural lump charcoal a most grocery storesBriquets don't burn as hot as the natural lump and they don't burn well when broken upGet a good bed of coals burning, put the oven on top, and bank the coals around the sideThen hit it with a hair dryer (not to close) for a few minutesThat will melt your aluminumMolten metal is nothing to play withSpill some on a pair of tennis shoes and you'll be scarred for lifeSame thing with jeansHeavy leather shoes, a leather apron, elbow length welders gloves and a face shield should be your minimum safety gear.
RE: how to melt aluminum into ingots? so i have a lot of cans and don't turn them into the junk yard till the end of the year and i'm running out of room so i decided to melt them so far the best and cheapest way thought of is get a turkey fryer and use the torch part and put it upside down facing a cupcake pan and but the.
Melting Aluminum Cans
If you have a wire grill, it will extend the life of the grill to clean itIf you have a cast iron grill, the best kind, just knock off the old bbq sauce w/a ball of aluminum foil all wadded up, a brush will scratch the cast iron and ruin the finishTreat it like a cast iron pot, knock off the burned up sauce, etc., and coat it w/cooking oil or spray w/a non-stick spray like Pam.

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