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Is the height of a Camaro bumper a problem?

So I am almost certainly getting a 1987 V8 camaro. The one thing that is a make or break decision is location. I live on Long Island, NY and there are a TON of potholes and high curbs to enter shopping centers etc. Not that I'm taking a muscle car to pick up my cold cuts I was curious; Is the long front end of a 1987 Camaro a problem so far a sscraping along the floor if I were for example pulling into my drive-way. It's not horrible (the angle on the driveway) but I feel maybe just from looking at the front wheels being set back so far making the front quite long, does it scrape and scratch along bumps in the road, or is it higher than it looks?? I dont want to buy one, and scratch the hell out of my front bumper every time I pull up to my house or an entrance is poorly constructed (too high) to get in and out of places. Also speed bumps. is it a prob??


Yes, that is exactly what you need. Of more concern is what you will use as a mold for the plugs. You need something that you can remove the resin from (Perhaps Heavy Duty Rubber Kitchen Gloves, turned inside out) or latex paint over a mold shape, or pre-made molds. The resin heats as it cures, and bonds to most anything you put it into
who owns the property? If you do put up speed bumps if its owned by the person that owns the camp file a complaint with them it is not city or state property so driving laws do not apply.. the sign was probably just put up by the owner and is not enforceable..

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