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Is the laptop plugged in with a power adapter?

Check a lot on the Internet, but still do not understand how is it? Plug the power supply is not inserted in the power adapter? The The That plug the power adapter with the computer without the battery pull down (to pull down the words, is not to put the battery full and then pull) My computer's battery is 6-cell lithium battery, how to charge the battery good?


Yes, this can be better to extend the laptop battery life. Should try to avoid the battery power exhausted and then recharging the situation, because it will give the battery a lot of pressure to cause damage. It is feasible to charge the remaining 20-30% of the electricity when the charge. In fact, the laptop's lithium battery in the "light / charge" the number of times is limited, all the use of light recharging will only greatly shorten the battery life. At the same time, the battery should be more dry place to charge, in addition to pay attention to heat problems, which is the enemy of the battery.
When using the power adapter, do not use the battery at the same time. Will cause the battery charge and discharge, resulting in shortened battery life.
Can be inserted with the adapter to use, as the battery, you can win down. This can be inserted directly with it!
If you plug the power adapter with a computer, the computer is generally not the battery in the electricity, but some computers require you to use the battery to use, otherwise it will run on a fixed low frequency, that is running on the computer power supply requirements A large program may be due to the power of the adapter is not enough to use the battery power. Usually when the battery is not full use when the side with the side charge, until full. But the battery is full of their own will be consumed, even if you are always using the power adapter, the battery capacity will drop, after a period of time lower than the bios set the battery capacity will automatically fill. Now some of the new computer power management software can set the threshold of charging (that is, when the battery capacity is less than what value when the charge, charge to what capacity when the stop) so the battery life has some help.
Plug the power supply is plug in the power adapter ah, with the power adapter when the battery did not take down, the notebook is now designed to charge the battery directly to stop charging, so do not worry about the battery will be filled with bad, and if the battery is full of still External power supply, then the external power supply is a direct jump to the battery power supply to the computer, so do not worry about the battery, and finally talk about the better way to save the battery is usually on the computer on the computer, about a month with a battery, and then use To less than 10% of the battery power, and then filled with an external power supply, once every month, the longest battery life

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