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Is there a fire risk in using an electric blanket out on our back porch?

Our pet Chicken is roosting out on the back porch in his cage. We now have an electric blankie to keep him warm, which is wrapped around the cage. It's set on 5. We got this blankie at Wally World. Is it safe? Is there any risk of fire?


1. Your man cheated. Cheaters cheat. Move on and find someone worth your time. 2. While you probably shouldn't be checking his phone out, I believe it is a bit of self preservation. 3. If you follow 1, you will not have to keep your pshyc's appts anymore. Or at least until you find someone else to be with. 4. Were I him, there would have been no additional chances. If I found someone that wanted me more than my current, it would be time for me to move on. I don't understand why he stayed. Could be a co-dependency issue or something. Not for me to say. 5. Screw it. You are 1 in your dealings. No commitments have been made by either of you by over 3 years. Wave bye bye to him in the window. Do it now before he does.
Have documentation. Write him up on each incident. Have witnesses. The 3rd time you can terminate him.
My wife has 24/7 access to my computer, my accounts - all of the passwords - I do not care if she looks because I have nothing to hide. If you cannot trust your partner with your passwords then you do not have a partner. If he is hiding stuff then it is over. If my partner wants to see ANY phone or online record she gets it - no hesitation.
My husband and I can look at each other's phone and computer any time. I don't think you feel very good being obsessed with his phone, but he is the one that cheated and he needs to regain your trust, you don't just give him 100% trust because he says so. I think his passive aggressive behavior is manipulative.
all of us women, or most all of us, have looked thru our husband's or partners phones at one time or another. the thing is you found something, but it's been 2 yrs. i think you said and you have not stopped. giving him a note saying i trust you was a slap in the face to him. i am pretty sure he's gonna be pissed at you for a very long time. you are just going to have to let him have his cooling off time. give him some space i totally know how it felt when he broke your heart back then, but you've had time to forgive by now. back off and let it go for a while or i promise you will loose him

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