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Is there a way to tighten the arms on oakley SI fuel cells?

I have a pair of Oakley SI(Standard Issue) Fuel Cells. The arms are becoming extremely loose and I can't find any websites that show how to re-tighten them. It doesn't really effect the fit, I would just much prefer the arms to stay in place if anyone can help? Thanks.


Oakley sunglasses come with pouch in bag, box or hard shell case with documentation.
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There is no way to re-tighten them. There is no screw. they are a snap in design so the arms pop in and out. They're also a nylon based material so you can just heat and bend the frame. I'm not sure what you mean by Stay in place. Once they open, they'll be on your face. Are you concerned about the arms opening when you have them off your head. If you look like your profile picture/avatar, i can say with about 85% certainty that the glasses are two big for your face. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you may be out of luck. HTH D

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