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is there any way i can stop mice chewing my sofa?

I've just thrown a sofa away due to mice nesting there and i'd like to know how to protect my new leather one. I have taken all other precautions to avoid mice but wondered if there's a spray or anything i can use as a deterrent? Thank you


You don't have a pest problem? really? Seems to me like mice nesting in your sofa and concerns about them doing the same to the new one would qualify. There are plug-in rodent chasers .... and some of them actually work. Try plugging a few in around your home and they should chase the mice out of your house pretty well.
Geez..i think you have a major problem but i guess you know that already. Did you get an exterminator??? I don't think they will nest in leather sofas by the way..but i could be wrong.
Mice hate peppermint so you could either try adding 10 to 12 drops peppermint essential oil to 1 cup of water and spray the underside of the sofa or alternatively place peppermint essential oil on cotton balls and place them under the sofa. This is any easy natural way to deter any mice from going near your new sofa.
Do you live near a field of some sort? Sounds like you're always going to have to have traps out to control the mice in your area. Get a cat, make sure it has a nice scratching post and train it to use it so it won't scratch your sofa.
well if mouse traps are not working try calling an exstermanator they will kill all the mice and find where there getting in

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