Jeep plastic windows ?

Im looking at buying this jeep, The problem is it has those plastic zip down windows, instead of glass roll ups.can I buy glass windows for it? or would I actually have to buy completely new doors with roll up windows.cuz its gonna b a serious pain n the *** to unzip the windows!


Well, okorder .
If you can afford it get a set of full doors and you'll have the best of both worlds. In the winter I have a hard top with full doors for comfort goodness, in the summer I switch to the soft top and half doors. You are better able to enjoy having the top off with the half doors. watch craigslist for a set of full doors and surrounds. they will coat between 500 and a grand most likely. More if you get the hard top too. unzipping the windows isn't that big of a deal really.
I think the plastic windows suck yes you can buy new doors for it which have windows that are glass. You should look in a junkyard for a good price. Ps I have a 97 Jeep Wrangler with glass windows it is a good vehicle my 4cyl gets like 18-19 mpg sometimes even 20 and its a beast offroad. Seriously it does whats its suppost to off road.
There is a sliding window option for the half doors. Instead of going down into the door they slide front to back but only open half way.
If you want glass in the doors, you will have to buy the full doors. You will also need the surronds for full doors and a soft top. Stick with the half doors. Its not a big problem. The alternative is expensive to switch out. Check around your local junk yard for the swap, and you will save money.

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