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Laptop keyboard not working?

I came back from one of my classes and some buttons on my keyboard will not work. They will work, however, when adjacent keys are taken outbut again this only works for some keys. I have not dropped my laptop a significant number of times nor have I gotten fluid or other foreign objects between the keys. Oh, it's a Toshiba Satelite C650DAnd yes, I'm using a wireless keyboard to type this. Even though, I have a wireless keyboard, I do not want to bring the keyboard and laptop to my classes.


purchase an exterior USB keyboard as a momentary restoration so she will use it at artwork day after today even as the issue is checked into. interior the period in-between, attempt utilizing the solutions already published to remedy the issue. exterior keyboard are $10-20 in reaction to no rely in case you purchase a pc, or computing device version. they're attainable at any keep that sells computing device products.
The keyboard itself can be bad, or it could be unplugged internally. There is a flat ribbon under the keyboard that attaches to the motherboard. If that is loose the keyboard will not work. To me it sounds like the keyboard is bad though. I'd recommend having the keyboard replaced, or simply using a USB keyboard (or the wireless one you are using now). Keyboards are about $20 on OKorder and the only tool you need to replace it is a Philips screwdriver. If you take it to a shop, expect to pay around $65 (more or less) to have it replaced by a pro.
Dropping it once is a significant number. However it sounds like your keyboard is no good. Head over to OKorder and buy a new one. They're around $20 usually and pretty easy to find howto videos on youtube.

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