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leaking valve seal questions for a 1990gmc sierra?

i have a 1990 gmc sierra k1500, 4.3 v6. it has leaking valve seals its only smokes wen i first start it. so im not in to much of a hurry to replace them. wen i do replace them will i have to reset the timing and the valve gap? and could leaking valve seals cause loss of power or performance problems


sounds like valve seals ! no you don,t have to bother the timing ! all you do is remove the plugs, hook up a air compressor and screw 1 end of the hose into the plug hole, take off the valve pan, loosen the rocker and start the compressor up ! once the compressor reaches about 40 to 50 pounds then take out the keeper on the valve stem and replace it with a new seal, if you can get the umbrella type seals, after the seal is replaced put the rocker back on, turn the crank by hand until the rocker is on the low cam and torque the rocker nut ! then you do the same way to the rest of the valve seals !

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