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Light steel keel ceiling really reliable?

Ceiling with light steel keel


Light steel keel should be more reliable, but also depends on the thickness of the material. The thickness of the material is determined by the load-bearing strength required by the ceiling.
Light steel keel be the best keel selection Anyway, let me use I will not consider what the wooden keel brush fire paint, brush a layer of paint to what the top, Aluminum keel light is light, but the firmness is not particularly reassuring So are generally aluminum buckle with light steel keel
General factory or home hospital station office building can use this hanging different regions of different prices, generally decorated with this now
Light steel keel is from the foreign introduction of the ceiling wall will be, the ceiling, then the shape of a lot of patterns are very beautiful general material, then at least 4 years or so will not be bad points of the dragon card Lafarge a set of words did not say the quality The

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