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Lime juice to dye hair?

I have asian hair that's light black with some natural dark brown highlights, but for a play my director wants me to naturally dye it more dark brown. She suggested lemon juice, but my supermarket ran out of lemons haha, so I was wondering if lime juice could do the trick? I don't want it to be completely obvious, but rather increase the natural highlights? I use an organic clarifying shampoo/conditioner everyday. I've never done anything to my hair, so I'm scared to damage it!


ive heard its good for your skin.........but it might dry your skin out because of the acid. try it .......and good luck
I would not recommend lime juice..it is acidic and can cause skin sensitiveness. If you are into natural solutions..try natural yogurt (non-flavored) which works perfectly as a make up remover and cleanser. You may add a little crushed cucumber for a refreshing and toning effect. You can also use natural oil such as jojoba oil as make up remover.
i have no idea.... why not just use regular make up remover and face wash?
I don't know but ~ouch if you got in your eyes~ and that is wear most of my make-up is. I like jergens cold cream. It's the best and its inexpensive.
Definitely not. I wouldn't recommend that at all. Limes are extremely acidic and acid is very harmful to your skin, causing it dry up. Why would you use lime to remove makeup? If you ended up getting that in your eyes you could probably go blind. Buy an actual makeup removing face wash at the store.

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