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lime my veg plot?

i want to lime my garden veg plot and i have a bag of cement render in my shed it contains lime so can i put it in my veg plot?


Lemon= 2.7pH Lime= 2.9pH Grapefruit= 3.6pH Orange=4.3pH Basically, the sourness is acidity. The orange is sweeter, so more sugars/protiens and less acidic.
Mikey's best advice. Look at all your neighbors yards and see what they grow. There is a reason why they grow what they do. IT WORKS.Pay attention to the flower in intrest and where it is placed and find a similar condition in your yard. next suggestion is there will be a month or two in beteewn certain plants and flowers. Again look around while you are driving and if you keep seeing the same plant with flowers , say in May , and you dont have any. Buy that plant and that covers the month of May. Rinse and repeat. Daffodils and Azaleas - spring Tulips bloom mext Phlox is great and gets you into May. Roses will give you color 'til June June flowers will be any annuals like Zinnia , Marigolds , Impatients , Cleome etc. July will be Butterfly bushes that go all the way to fall ! Crape Myrtles give you August blooms. I think you see what I'm saying here. All I listed are maint. free easy to grow. Research now so you know what to do in the coming months. Your local county extension office is a perfect resource for your specific area.

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