Lime Zested?

When a recipe calls for 2 Limes, Zested, am I shaving the skin and using that or am I using the juice of 2 limes?


vanilla vodka pinapple juice (splash) rose's lime juice (bigger splash) cointreau (tiny splash) shake 'em up and there ya go!
lime juice, sour mix, and vodka
Ya okorder
Vanilla vodka, lime juice, and a little bit of cream. shake and serve in a chilled martini glass. Garnish edges with cinnamon. and throw a lime in there. Delicious.
There are a couple versions but here is my favorite 1 1/2 oz Good Vodka, Can be Citron 1/2 oz Licor 43 (this is a premium vanilla liqueur, cheap vanilla liqueur can be used but it won't be as good) splash of roses lime juice shake with ice strain into chilled martini glass garnish with a lime twist (use the rind side to rub around the edge of the glass, then a little twist over the drink and drop in) to make it look even fancier you can dip the edge of the glass in roses lime juice and then dip in sugar... mmm now i want one!

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