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Looking for a BBb 6 valve tuba?

Im looking for a new BBb tuba. i would like six valves at 4+2. but if not looking for 6 valve BBb tuba


Better get busy with that search engine, then!
I don't know how long you've been playing tuba but 6 valve BBb tubas are virtually non-existent. No current brass instrument manufacturer will have that in their line-up. Tubas with 6 valves are already rare and are pretty much limited to F tubas. If you want a 6 valve BBb (I don't know why you even need/want that many valves) then your best option would be to buy a 5 valve BBb tuba and having it modified to include a 6th valve. Either way, expect to pay a minimum of $10000 (ten thousand) for the instrument.

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