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Math problem- jogging? Help?

I was walking down the street one day, and a jogger passed me. I was curious to know whether I could figure out how fast the jogger was running, so I started paying attention to where the jogger was. When she passed a light pole a little ways in front of me, I began to count the seconds. It took me 9 seconds to get to the pole. When i reached the pole, I looked up to see that she was just passing a fire hydrant. I again counted the seconds until I reached the fire hydrant, and it took 11 seconds when I reached the fire hydrant, she was passing a parking meter. It took me 14 seconds to reach the parking meter. I knew that I walked two paces in 1 second and my pace was 1 yard long. Approximately how fast, in miles per hour, was the jogger moving?


yea dude, the resin will still get you blown. theyre gonna be testing the thc in your system and resin is almost like straight up thc. better to be safe than sorry dude
looks lifelike. we could see, he will go get areas(a million hour) deliver his procedures and replace the pipe( 30-40 5 min) freshen up and verify for leaks (30 min). If each and every thing is going properly, he's not charging greater suitable than $25-30 hr. If there's a 2nd holiday for areas or yet another leak, he will spend greater time. maximum plumbers are $50/hr plus min service call just to happen.

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