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Measuring 3 meters long aluminum profile line 5

Measuring 3 meters long aluminum profiles of the straightness, you have what good method? What is the maximum deviation value allowed by our industry? In addition to the platform measurement, and what are the economic and practical methods, our factory stalls are small. Consider input costs.


For bending, twist test should be adopted according to the requirements of the platform, but in actual use, the platform used as a simple test tube can also be used to forming good Aluminum Alloy square or rectangular, note the tube before use, the first to confirm the test, can be used as a test platform.
According to the high grade, the bend degree is 0.6*L (L is the length of your profile, profile) is 3 meters long, its curvature (by high-precision calculation) is 0.6*3=1.8mm, or twist, except that the length of the profile, but also know the profile width, and then according to standard gauge count.
The friend the profiles of the straightness, don't know you mean curvature profile, or twist, there are clear provisions in the building material standard GB5237-2008 and GB/T6892-2006 standard in all industrial sections, such as building materials in the standard GB5237-2008, the bending degree is divided into ordinary grade, high grade, high precision class.

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