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Mechanical Engineering VS Electrical Engineering?

Here is the deal. I am majoring in Software Engineering. Which includes a fair bit of coding. I wanna be that guy who can make a robot or a Cell phone or Mp3 player or some sort of gadget. I want to do a dual degree with software engineering. So that i can do the software and make the device. So the plan is like this. If i make a robot i can write code too to make it move and all so that just eliminates 2 minds work. So i want to know which is the appropriate branch. Electrical or the Mechanical.What is the diffence between the two. I went to a college a few days ago and the guy there had made a robotic car. I forget if his major was EE or ME but he was doing Computer science minor. Can someone tell me what it could be ?? I want to make electronic devices. So like you can say that i want to make an iPhone sitting at home all by myself. Which 1 should i pick.Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!


It doesn't make a lot of difference. I know a electrical engineer who is a real expert on mechanical equipment of all kinds. I know an mechanical engineer who is an expert in most things electrical or electronic. Once you have the basic engineering skills you can train yourself in any other area if you have a serious interest.
Look it up.

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