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Method for operating motor of electric vehicle?

Method for operating motor of electric vehicle


Two 、 lubrication of motor internal gearIf the brush tooth wheel motor and brushless gear wheel motor running noise began to change, or replace the motor gears inside the gear tooth surface should be all covered with grease, commonly used lubricating oil or grease No. 3 specified by the manufacturer.Three 、 assembly of motorBrush motor before assembly, please check the brush inside the springs, check whether there is the carbon brush and brush rub, check brush in the brush handle whether can reach the maximum stroke, pay attention to the correct positioning and change the phase of carbon brush, brush or brush card to avoid bad.When installing the motor, should first clean the motor impurities on the surface of the part, so as not to affect the normal operation of the motor, and must be fixed hub body strong, so as not to install due to strong attracted by the magnetic steel components caused by mutual impact, damage. Check 36V normal, controller output 5V and 12V normal, motor resistance normal. The motor is connected directly to the 36V battery and the motor runs normally.
In the electric bicycle industry, the motor generally refers to the motor assembly, including the motor, heart, deceleration mechanism. Below we are talking about electric bicycles are motor assembly.I. dismantling of the motorBefore removing the motor, the motor and the controller's lead should be pulled out first, and the corresponding relationship between the lead color of the motor and the lead color of the controller must be recorded. Before opening the cover of the motor, the operating area shall be cleaned so as to prevent the sundries from being sucked into the magnetic steel in the motor. Mark the relative position of the end cap and the wheel hub. Attention: be sure to loosen the screws in diagonal order so as to avoid the deformation of the motor housing. The radial clearance between the rotor and stator is called air gap (air gap), and the air gap of the general motor is between 0.25-0.8mm. When the motor is removed and the motor is removed, it must be assembled according to the original cover mark so that the phenomenon of sweeping after the two assembly can be prevented.

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