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Moving to my first apartment! (small efficiency) Futon, Mattress or Sofa Bed?

Been renting rooms for years, and now I'm finally ready to get my own little place. I'm trying to save space and money basically. I'd like for there to be a comfortable place for people to sit when they visit. I'd prefer not to have a mattress and frame as that would require a lot of space and its not very versatile and cant be moved much. I also dont want something really uncomfortable. I've slept on air beds and floors for years, but I'm not trying to go that route.I only have a bedroom, kitchen, and small bathroom. My bedroom would have to double as a living room basically. Whats the best option for me? Pros, Cons?I'd like to keep it simple and spend no more than $500 on all my furniture. Thanks


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An inexpensive futon is usually more comfortable than a similar valued sofa sleeper and more handy. Sample listed below. God Bless
I would go with a futon. The mattresses are better than any $500 sofa bed you will find. We have an expensive sofa bed and a futon and the futon is much better for sleeping. I also think in the long-run, the futon will last longer. Sofa beds are great for an occassional overnight guest, but long-term, not so good.

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