Must everything be machinery?

I have to gain my wishes..People, somebody tell me. we were born, grew up, made choices (still making) and then society wants us to reproduce. Must everything be machinery?


If you seek the reasons for being to start with, society today is just a bad play. Look toward more natural reasons for being, that is, think upon the meditative and forget the calculative that is our world. Just shut it out for a little while and get back to basics. Look for something beautiful in every day. If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change. --Buddha
No, you have a choice not to reproduce. Why listen to society in the first place? Don't let other people control your life. Be incharge!
there are timelines and guidelines but one does not have to follow them in that order or follow at all.obey or revolt against machinery!! battery powered robots with a matching remote control gradually awake from their routine programming and rebel;)
Actually, very little is machinery. After a certain amount of time, even machinery is not machinery. No one can predict when a tractor will stop running. As soon as chaos is introduced, the machine metaphor becomes moot.
no... machinery makes life stop-uniform--steady--no ps no downs--just deadd.. so itf we wanna live keep the space to live.. make mistakes and cryy.. do some thing silly and laugh.. dont make everything a machine

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