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my braces bracket has fallen off and its missing! please help!! :(?

heyybasically i was eatinggg chips and i just noticed that the wire had come out of the back bracket.so we called the ortho and he said to make an appointment within the next few dayshowever i have just come to find that the bracket has actually fallen off!! completely! like i have lost it?! i think i might have eaten it!please help?! has this happened to anyone else?what do you do?thankssss


Well, just call your orthodontist again, and tell him the bracket came off. No big deal. And if you ate, don't worry it will just go through your body like everything else.
No worry. I've done this before too!!! They will just replace it. It doesn't even take long. Trust me, they've had this experience better. it's no biggie. Nah, they won't be angry.
This happened to me, don't worry! If you ate it and were going to be hurt, something would have happened by now. The Orthodontist won't be mad, it's fairly common. They will know what to do, so don't fret. XOXO Jenny
This happened to me a few times and all i did was call the ortho and make an appointment to fix it. No he/she will not be angry. Hope I helped :-)
When I first got my braces the wire was always pinging out of the bracket at the back but when the orthodontist put the thicker wire in that stopped happening. One day I swallowed about an inch of wire that broke off and it never did me any harm so you should be fine, all the orthodontist did when I went in later that day was cut the wire off closer to the nearest bracket so it wasn't really pointy and then left it until next time I went in and he put a new wire in. I know that isn't exactly what happened to your brace but it shouldn't cause any major problems.

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