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My parakeet eats cement, help?

I bought a cement ladder ( not edible ) yesterday. today i put the cement ladder in the cage but he starts nibbleing the cement and tasting it ( i can hear the crunch flavor in his beak an swallowing it ) . HELP WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!!!!???


he needs grit, it should be ok though because birds dont have teeth, they eat dirt grit and in your case cement to put in their crops (roughly the bottom of their necks) to grind up food. Go to the pet shop and buy some grit for your bird. also a cuttle fish bone for calcium and to keep its beak from overgrowing. x oh and i see the first answer says to use sandpaper perches, dont Because it hurts their feet and makes them dry, just use birds sandpaper to cover the bottom of the cage. not standard sandpaper, stuff from the pet shop.
Get a different ladder thats not made of cement.
They will chew on anything. Are you sure, he is swallowing it? Birds do not need grit. I gave my first parakeet grit, and the vet told me after he was sick and dying, that they do not need grit and you should never give it to them. They do however; need a calcium block, a cuttle bone, or give them crushed oyster shells, (comes in a small box, sometimes mixed with charcoal),that does not harm them.
Im not sure....my bro bought cement for the birds that HELPS them digest their food....l.so maybe thats what he is doing
Parakeets are mature at approximately 6 months. men have astounding blue seers (the section at as quickly as above the beak) and girls persons have pinkish to lavender colored seer different than while waiting to mate and then it turns brown. Parakeets do no longer decide on grit interior the meals plan, nor do they decide on sand paper or sand coated perches. a number of products are available at puppy shops that save the beak and toenails the main appropriate length. the two get a pumice perch or concrete perch(ladder,or swing) and the concern is dealt with Cuttlebone is taken under consideration necessary, incredibly if feeding a seed meals plan. It delivers calcium interior the meals plan. this is ultimate for the poultry's primary wellness to feed sparkling end result and vegetables and a pellet meals plan like Zu-Preem. Feeding strictly a low priced seed in basic terms meals plan will shorten the birds existence, in particular from dieing of fatty liver ailment. Parakeets are curious birds and prefer swings with bells, hyperlinks, mirrors and beads. they decide directly to bathe in a birdbath additionally. Many stable books are available, one stated is Parakeets by skill of Barron's books and available in many puppy shops for under ten money. by skill of utilising the above strategies, you will in all threat on no account could use an avian vet. commonplace vets are no longer advised because of the fact they do no longer look to be proficient in avian care.

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