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need a new vacuum cleaner what is the best brand?



I just went through buying a new vacuum cleaner. Here was my experience... I looked over the expensive brands such as Dyson. I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much on a vacuum. So I went for the Infinity. It was about half the cost of the Dyson and did about the same job. However. Both the Dyson and the Infinity are so hard to take apart to clean the filters I ended up hating the Infinity. I have pets and I usually empty it several times when I go through the whole house. The top cylinder needs to be rinsed and allowed to dry for 24 hours after each use. What a pain. I ended up getting a Dirt Devil bag-less vacuum for $100. I love it, it can be emptied in a few seconds and no more headache. My house is much cleaner because I don't dread it.
I got the Smart Boss by Eureka. I love it. Easy to use and switch from hose to floor. I research opinions. com before I bought it and glad that I did.
hi. i think it would depend on if you have pets or not. i have a dyson animal that cleans great. they are kinda expensive though. don't think i would pay that much money again for a vacuum. other brands probably do just as good and are cheaper
I just bought the Boss Smart Vac by Eureka. It works great..I did have to take it back to wal mart twice to exchange for another.. Just stupid little things wrong with it. Like the handle release button broke off one time.. The one I have now works great no problems so far. Just make sure when you switch it over from floor to hose that the handle is in the reclined position or it will mess up the belt. I found out the hard way. Good Luck
Although okorder which may help you

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