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need someone to explain some technical terms and abbreviations?

i'm translating test certificates for my hometask and I need help with some words. Can you expain their meanings and provide me with photos, info and useful lins so I can find easier appropriate Russian equivalents..CLIENT REF?SAMPLE IDENTIFICATION?Minquip Type a Male92; Female couplings fitted with Minquip (Patented) ?seals, coplings (please give me some phtos of them and links with useful info)Abesco FR120?Fire and Smoke Barrier?hose stream test? what is pressure test?thank you in advance for your help)


I think you should be honest, but with modifications, perhaps you can say you were not to thrill with the commute, that it was in another city and this one just fits better your schedule and lifestyle. It wouldn't hurt to bring some great recomendations from previous employers not necessarily the last one. I worked with the HR department of my previous job and no is not illegal for your employer to say why you were fire, it totally depends on the company policy and procedures every company is different, if your previous employer wants to they can say that you had a puntuaclity issue, or that you were not a good match for that position. So since you don't know who are they going to talk to when they call just be honest, no details just keep it simple. And in terms of your ADD do not mention it there's no need to. Best of luck, and im sure you'll be fine. Getting fired from a job is not the end of the world, see it as the beginning of a new great journey, and learn from your past mistakes.
tri- 3triceps, 3 heads.so you have to put stress on all 3 heads: Medial, Lateral, long Your skull crushers and dips/diamonds are putting a lot of stress on the lateral head (outside) part of your arm, you need to strengthen the long/medial heads (inside towards elbow and inside upper, respectively). to get the shoe. Think of it like this, any exercise where palms face down lateral head thumbs facing up long head palms up medial head for instance, grab the rope attachment on a smith maching and extend with your thumbs facing your faceyou'll feel it in the long head (inside upper part of your arm). Do extensions with palms up/palms down, you'll work the lateral/medial heads. From your exercises you named, sounds like you're only really working one (lateral) head, thereby only working one side of your shoe.

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