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Need to punish a child for leaving the house?

My g/f kid who is 13, left the house last night after dark, at leastby 11:15PM, while we were a sleep, and went downtown to see a friend. He came in the door 10 minutes after I left for work at 5:30AM this morning, and shocked the g/f. He didn't want to give up the friends name, but we believe we know who it is. He orginally said he went outside for awhile because he wasen't feeling well, but fessed up this morning. He is dead tired, but sent him to school, and will make him go to a basketball game tonight which he plays. But was wandering whats a good punishment, and a future one if he violates it again. We usually dock him a weeks allowance or suspend his going out to play after school, or the weekend with different wrong doings. Any suggestions would be helpful?


Sounds like you have a damaged windows. Take it back.
Yep. Get a least a 5Lb. ABC (Multipurpose dry chemical) with a metal head and a vehicle bracket and mount one in your trunk. I carry a 10 Lb. ABC in my car, and I have personally put out a number of car and tire fires with the unit. (Albeit I have also failed to extinguish a few engine fires if the hood cable melts and you can't get the hood open, there is no good way to get the extinguishing agent on the gasoline that is generally pouring out of the melted fuel line.) Still, it is a good idea to have one. Look in your yellow pages under fire extinguishes, there will be a number of local companies listed that can sell you a good unit. (Stay away from those cheapies at Home Depot and Wal Mart!)
I think it would be a good idea. There are many brands and sizes. You would have to go, talk to someone, see which one fits your needs.

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