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New MMA fighter,need help buying pads..?

Ok so im gonna start doing mma classes and i need to buy pads.I want to get somthing quality,that i wont have to replace every like couple months.For gloves i need sparring,but with the fingers outside not like the boxing gloves.I also need shin guards (grappling style).Also head gear.I have no clue how to choose that.I was looking at hayabusa because i have heard they are really good quality,but they are very expensive.So i was wondering what are some other good brands,links would be nice.Also i know tapout is widely publicised is it a good brand??


the drivers for your video card are not installed. try installing the drivers that came with your video card (or motherboard if it is built-in).
Use resin if you want it waterproof. Otherwise you are making the process needlessly complex. To make cardboard stiffer, just add another layer of cardboard using plain craft glue.

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