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No matter wat angle i hold my ipod at V/H it plays vids at a random angle?

Theres a lock with a arrow circling around it could this be part of the problem


Pressure is too low a pressure regulator would be no help. Start with this: Shut off main water valve and disconnect pipe nipple that feeds into the water meter. Get a large bucket (5 gallon) and direct the pipe into or towards it and turn main valve back on. You will see if the pressure is good at this point (the bucket will fill in less than a minute) If slow then one of these things: -Underground pipe restricted. If it's a copper pipe then just some debris got into it and just let it run to flush out. -The valve the water dept uses is either defective, clogged or they didn't turn it in the fully open position. Hope this helps somewhat Good Luck
For starters the ENTIRE UNIVERSE is the location of the Big Bang. Next flaw, you seem to think that expansion is a linear speed. It is not. It is a rate. It is measured in km per megaparsec per second (that's three variables, not two like velocity, which is time and distance only). Let's say you and I are both standing on a rubber sheet. We start out 5 meters apart. That sheet is gradually being stretched out, so that it double in size every 60 seconds. After one minute, we are 10 meters apart. 2 minutes 20 meters apart, 3 minutes, 40 meters apart. Also notice that a third person, say, originally one meter away from me and four away from you, will appear to be moving away from you faster than they are moving away from me. More Thanks to the inflationary epoch, the universe was enormous, gargantuan, HUGE, within just 10^-30 of a second after the Big Bang. Before energy even coalesced into matter, the universe was incredibly spread out. There are no doubt galaxies beyond 13.75 light years (light travel time) that we will never see, because our observable horizon is a limited distance. Finally Read up on the Hubble Constant. Approximately 74 km per second per Megaparsec.

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