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Notebook power adapter can not pull out for a long time?

Every time I use my laptop, I just unplug the adapter from my computer without pulling the plug of the adapter and the power supply. Is it harmful to the adapter? Is it dangerous? I hear the adapter, even if it doesn't plug into the computer, just listen to the power, and there's a sound. What's the matter? Ask authoritative personage to answer.


The adapter works as long as the power is not turned off and you can't connect to the computer. In fact, not much harm, anyway, five years of notebook life, this thing as long as not deliberately damage, it will be very durable, than the important parts of the computer is bad slow. As long as it's a big brand, it's ok. Even if you break it, how much is it worth? In fact, recommendations or pull it, put stumbling on the ground......
Yes, very few, there is a power adapter, power failure, and my notebook for 5 years, never unplug the power adapter plug, never power failure, there is no problem. Of course, save electricity and cherish the angle of departure, it is recommended to unplug the best, because it does not pull, the adapter is still in the working state.
Oh, the power adapter is a power transformer, we are using the 220, after it will be converted into voltage suitable for computer, laptop or 220V is to endure, so long as the public power inside the transformer will work, if you don't have a computer, unplug the power socket on the best. If the computer does not pull too pulled from the socket, do not affect the life of the adapter.
This is not good,If you need to switch off, then you'd better unplug the power adapter plug from the plug board. Because if you just unplug the adapter and the computer plug, then the adapter will still have the current through, and hear the small sound is actually the voice of the current. Therefore, it is recommended that the power adapter be removed from the socket, and the computer connected to the head will not have to pull out, so that neither will cause power adapter power, but also facilitate the opening of the computer.

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