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Now there is no new building materials can replace the red brick

Ready to change the layout of the home, but do not want to use red brick, can replace it?


The surface texture of the product structure; color white, creamy yellow, gray, brown, red, orange, purple and other mixed colors high temperature sintering molding, good durability, high compressive strength color stability and lasting, natural color, do not fade Captures the unique charm and passion of the real clay tones and the characteristics of the sintered clay This series of elegant and natural style can be designed to classical charm without losing the eternal beauty of the warm atmosphere natural color, soft It has been specially crafted to reflect the brick wall after ancient times of the quaint characteristics Its natural shape with a soft line, a good show of ancient architecture style its unique suction and discharge function, can adjust the climate of the district need to use sand cushion, easy to use during the sand, you can clean up construction and maintenance convenience
The production of such bricks is widely used in the construction industry and other fields
Vacuum brick mainly to mud, clay, clay and coal gangue as raw materials, and then through a certain production process and the formation

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