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Office chair to how high. Is it comfortable to sit?

Office chair to how high? Is it comfortable to sit?


This is ergonomics problem. I happened to learn it! Seat height should lower leg foot high = + Shoes + high coat thickness, the general height according to the personal situation to determine, as if the design or production, from adult female lower leg foot high 9 thousand and 500 points 405mm, plus shoes high correction (flat +20mm, high heels as body height), then plus dressing correction 6mm, so the result is 431mm, but because the first is data statistics from many years ago
Office furniture accessories, galvanized five-star feet, office chairs, casters, gas rod composition, and gas lever can adjust the lifting, you can adjust height according to their height, so as to ensure "two vertical"". Can not adjust the height of the office chair, how can we meet the human body function for height? If the seat is short, you can put something on the seat so that your thighs and legs are at right angles. If the seat is high, you can place something under your feet so that you can secure two right angles.
The highest point of the chair seat is located just below the knee side, this argument is not sound to make you some foggy feeling? In fact, to determine the most appropriate height of the chair, remember that the two vertical can be: sit down, thighs and calves vertical, vertical spine and buttocks. A more detailed explanation is that it can meet the vertical of 90 degrees between the thighs and calves, and the 90 degree vertical between the spine and the hips. If the seat height can satisfy the two conditions at the same time, it is the optimum height.

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