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On a 95 zx7, how does the outer tube pull off the forks to change seals?

I have been trying everything i can to disassemble the forks, as i try to pull it straight of it hits a stopper so i figured that wont workThen i tried to remove the bolt out of the very bottom and it spins the spring assy inside, i tried holding the spring assy and it just turns the bolt and doesnt back outI pulled the dust cap, ring, spacer and fork seal out of the outer tube, just cant figure out how to pull the outer tube off to replace them.


You need to take that allen out of bottom First, after draining oil, while it is On the 'sickleKeep some weight on the front wheelYou may have to tap wrench a few times to crack it looseIt Will comeIt has blue locktite on itAt this point, try to replace spring/spacer/cap and hold top tube with a hollowed out piece of wood in a viceOr, put it back temporarily in fork treesTighen screws a bit to hold You may need a deep socket to get the cap started, maybe a strong friendTap on allen wrench with hammer If you got old seal out without using freed inner tube to remove it, you May have messed up sealing surfaceThe outer tube is just aluminumLook and seeYou are supposed to drail oil, remove the screw, then springs, then dust cap and snap ringThen slide the inner tube fully in then out briskly to safely remove sealNow you know how to do other side right To put in new seals, dip new one in new fork oil, push it in as far as it will go by hand, then put snap ring on top of it, sharp edge upUse a piece of gas or water pipe 1' long and the the right size to tap it inGrind the business end of pipe flat so as not to damage anythingJust takes a few taps, don't get radical, it may damage sealThis also seats snap ring at same time, you will feel it click in and know when to stopPut that blasted allen back in with some locktite, but only hand tight to prevent inner tube from falling out Don't forget to tighten allen fully when spring back in, in vice or on bikeEDIT: Tapping on an allen wrench got mine out, they had been in there 29 yearsI have an impact wrench but no metric allen to fit itGuess I could have ground a bit to fit, cheaper and faster than ordering a Snap-On REF: Just did my fork seals 3 Weeks ago, a bBook was confusing and cross referred everything.

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