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On the program-controlled switches and 110 patch panel cable problem

Is not the cable bridge, the whole plant laying a flat iron, each layer of equipment to the ground bus to the bridge on the flat iron, rather than on the bridge. Is this the requirement? More


Grounding flat steel should not be laid in the bridge, the cable bridge should be connected into a reliable electrical channel, every 10 meters should be a reliable grounding once the meaning of the bridge along the laying of long ground flat steel, every 10 meters and the ground wire once. System cable design specifications: Section 3.7.1 The bridge system shall have a reliable electrical connection and ground. Section 3.7.2 When the use of the bridge system to allow grounded trunk circuits should meet the following requirements: First, the tray, ladder The connection resistance between the ends should not be greater than 0.Ω. The grounding hole should be removed insulation coating. Second, in the expansion joints or soft joints need to use braided copper wire connection. Section 3.7.3 along the bridge full length of the other laying ground , The staircase shall be connected at least one point to the grounded trunk in each section (including non-linear segments). Section 3.7.4 For vibrating spaces, a spring washer shall be provided at the connection of the grounding part.
L on behalf of the positive pole is what we call FireWire, N on behalf of the negative pole is also said that the zero line.
L line with the wire line to understand the road to the N line without electricity to understand the circuit switch and other power facilities are installed on the line of fire to prevent electric shock
ZR on behalf of the flame retardant properties YJ said cross-linked polyethylene insulation V said PVC jacket ZR-YJV table red copper core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable 4 * 70 + 1 * 35 that 4 core 70mm2 + 1 core 35mm2 fixed this one I do not understand

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