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Philips TV 46PFL6605D / 93 46 inch audio output problem. Always want to get the TV sound amplifier amplifier, but no signal

I would like to ask you! The current type of PVC pipe corresponding to the general can put a few cable ah! Make an example of 20 PVC pipe can put 2-3 cable! Please list me out from 20-100! Thank you! If satisfied, then I can add points! If the detailed point, such as the general trunking and arc trunking, metal trunking, etc. to elaborate! I give you 100 points! Question added: I am doing integrated wiring! Novice! Is to pull the cable! 8 network cable about how much PVC pipe or PVC trunking ah! The above detailed list if someone listed me add 100 points to you! More


Patch panel you will understand it as a transfer of equipment on the line, it does not have any function, the switch line first connected to the patch panel, the best in a certain order, easy to identify. And then according to the need to connect the telephone line on the patch panel. The size of the sound switch can not tune, only on the phone up. hope this helps. Telephone sales essential weapon: When the customer with a mobile phone to give you a fixed phone, the phone is over, the system will send a text message to the customer phone, SMS content set by the enterprise in advance, generally for business, product introduction, promotional information. When the customer calls the second time, the computer will pop up the customer name and other information, it is convenient. As well as call records, recording, even if the contents of the call forget it does not matter. Nuoqi telephone management hardware within one year Baohuan, life-long maintenance services! Call screen - call recording - computer dial - hang up SMS - phone secretary equipment - telephone marketing software. Tel: 010-
Thermal expansion and contraction. So the summer set up the wire, to set aside enough margin, so as not to shrink in winter when the cable or pull the wire or pull the poles. Field of the wire, the winter wire is relatively straight, relatively curved in summer Is the physical change of the wire at different seasons. . this is called the installation of wire sag, in the communications sector, the power sector has its own detailed operating procedures, a very detailed form of the provisions. . the vertical design of the wire installation requirements: the maximum temperature in the local environment when the wire is not mixed; in the local minimum environment when the wire continued line. . the vertical line of the wire and the distance between the pole, the greater the distance from the greater the distance; . the vertical and the temperature of the wire, the higher the temperature the greater the sag; . the wire sag and the line material And so on.
The paint is hard and durable, and the adhesion is good If it is used in combination with phosphating primer, it can improve the moisture resistance, salt spray resistance and rust resistance of the paint film The fire protection mechanism of the fireproof paint can be summarized as follows: the fireproof paint itself is flame retardant or incombustible, so that the protective substrate is not directly in contact with the air, delaying the object fire and reduce the burning speed; In addition to its own flame retardant or incombustible, it also has a low thermal conductivity, can delay the flame temperature to the protection of the substrate transfer; fire paint heat decomposition of incombustible inert gas, dilute the protected object nitrogen-containing fire-resistant paint heat decomposition of NO, NH3 and other groups, and organic free radical compounds, interruption of chain reaction, reduce the temperature of the combustible gas, so that it is not easy to burn or burn speed slow down; expansion of the fire-proof paint thermal expansion foam, the formation of carbon foam insulation layer to protect the object, delay the heat and the substrate transfer, to prevent the object from burning or due to temperature rise caused by the strength of the decline

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