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Plant growth light useful for succulent plants:

Plant growth light useful for succulent plants:


So search to the reptile ultraviolet UVB energy-saving lamps. Use 2 weeks, the effect is excellent. At last I found the right way. Really can prevent excessive growth and change of plant morphology and color of the UVB.
Special lights of succulent plants, high sales, Blu ray and ultraviolet radiation. It was found that the lamp had no factory information or data parameters, and was somewhat like the UV lamp, which is known as disinfection. It works, but it's weak. Are three products safe? Discontinue use...... Domesticated, succulents need most is not red and blue, but ultraviolet. Reptiles and fleshy native environment similar, have the effect of reptiles, may also have effect on.
Must reach a certain power and the appropriate band of light can. Even a few watts of fluorescent lamp, less than 100 yuan do not consider. Plants fill light red and blue, on sowing seedlings some effect, but almost no significant effect on what plants with fleshy, many days will be green, and fly soared.

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