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Plasterboard walls strong enough to hold guitar?

Hi! I want to hang my electric guitars on my wall which is made of plasterboard! Each guitar with have it's own hanger with two screws holding it on the wall. I will also use plasterboard wall plugs to hold the screws in place> I am just wondering if the walls will be able to support the weight of the guitars at all or is this going to be a disaster? Thanks all!


No, they are not that much strong to hold a heavy guitar. If your guitar is light weight only then you should hang it there.
To be safe, I'd mount a stained or painted board on the wall with molly bolts (expanding screws that open on the inside of the wall) or screw it into the wall studs, then fasten your hanger into the wood of the board.
relies upon on the thickness of the board. maximum residential plasterboard (drywall) is a million/2 . that isn't be adequate to help the load. you're extra perfect off getting a stud finder (they many times value approximately $10) and anchor the screws into the studs in the back of the drywall. they might undergo extra weight, and could help take off extra weight from the anchors merely interior the drywall. In maximum residential components, there are studs each sixteen, yet not each place has an identical development codes.
electric guitars are typically pretty heavy. seriouosly,, i wouldnt rely on plasterboard for the support of the weight. enlist the use of a stud-finder and using long enough screws (1 1/2 inch ) mount the guitar hook deep into the beam through the plasterboard or you may find them on the floor and broken.

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