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plastic window covering kits, how much do they really add to energy efficiency?

I saw an online video that we can go to our local home depot etc and buy kits where we use a blow drying and put plastic on the inside of our windows. How much does this really help in saving on energy costs for those of you who know this kind of stuff. I am on a very limited budget, so I am looking at those,


anything that will add another layer of protection, is going to save you dollars and give you comfort
Short answer... Have used them they make a difference. They do cut down on drafts can make living space more comfortable. A cheap, temporary fix for drafty windows. Best regards
if you are on budget they work very well. it seals up the windows and stops the drafts from coming in. i used them in my 1st home until i had $ to replace windows . you will definitely notice the improvement after installation .
Couldn't have afforded winter in MI with out them! We lived in a 100 year old farm house, on a budget. We used plastic on all the windows and heated the whole house with the wood stove. The wood was free,(we cut and chopped it ourselves) and we only spent about 30 bucks on the plastic. Now that we live in NC, we still cover the windows, but we have electric heat now. I miss the wood stove!
If you have the double pane windows, don't use the film. It creates too much heat between the double pane windows and causes their seals to pop. The film also cuts sun so if you have plants, they will be negatively affected. Heavy drapes will do the same thing as the film and in the winter, when you want the additional heat, you can just open the drapes during the day and get sun, but you can't remove the film.

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